04 Sep Please Pray . . .

We would love some prayer warriors to go before our God so His work continues in El Salvador.  Here are some specific requests:

  • One of our young ladies to get her passport and be able to come to the USA for our October luncheon
  • God to provide underwriters & table hosts for our October 17 fundraiser (so we can continue God’s work in El Salvador)
  • El Salvador students to finish the school year strong. The school year ends in October.
  • Wisdom & discernment for SHIP Board as they make plans for the future


Praise Him for His mighty works; praise His unequaled greatness! Psalm 150:2

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31 Aug Meet Santiago

This past summer we had 6 interns helping in El Salvador.  Each of them wrote a story about one of the SponsorSHIP students. Today, Sabrina shares about Santiago.

Santiago is a natural born leader and instigator. He has a huge heart and the cutest smile.

Meet Santiago - Learn more about SponsorSHIP

When I first met him he was playing futbol with some boys from the neighborhood. Even though I couldn’t understand what he was saying, I could tell by his body language that he was telling the other boys to include him in the game.

Later on . . . when he was sick, his mom asked us to come in and pray for him. He awoke initially startled at the people surrounding him and praying for him, but his face quickly broke out into a smile. He was better the next day and back in Vacation Bible School, futbol, and tutoring. He always greets us with a hug and brings limons (limes) when he has them to share.

Every day we can hear Santiago singing unabashedly at his church. He wins the heart of everyone he meets.

Thanks Sabrina, for sharing Santiago’s & spending part of your summer in El Salvador.

If you’d like to sponsor Santiago, click here

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06 Feb Returning from El Salvador

Our Oak Hills Church Mission team returned to Edmond Friday evening after a week of ministry in El Salvador. What a great week it was … 1 home built, a roof replaced and much of the electrical wiring work done in the new SHIP building on the campus of the Orphanage. Hands on work … showing (not telling) people Christ’s love.

There were also times of witnessing and preaching. Nicole sharing her testimony … preaching to the crowd at the Sunday night celebration … Jaime sharing a great devotion … it was all good but far and away the highlight was the hard work by all our team.

I am thankful to be pastor of these people. Thanks to Jaime McAlpine, Jeff Dean, Nick Dean, Nicole Brown, Haleigh Posar, Ted Nombrana and LaCresha Archer … and all who helped get them to El Salvador and prayed for their ministry there. God Bless you all.

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06 Feb God Has Some Fun!

From a SHIP Tripper, Janie

This past week for spring break I spent all my time in El Salvador on a mission trip with Shelter the Homeless International Project. My Bible study leader, Courtney, had been multiple times and was excited to finally take a trip with the senior girls. I went with six of my friends and I can honestly say it changed all of our lives.

While we were down there, we built a house for two sweet sweet girls, Isela and Michel.

My plan before the trip was to help out on the job site one day and do VBS because I have no idea how to do construction work. However, Jesus had some fun.

We only had three guys go on the trip and twelve girls. So every single day they needed a ton of help digging ditches, nailing boards, and basically building an entire house. I laughed every day because I knew Jesus was reminding me that even when I try to plan something he switches it all around. I ended up with blistered hands, clothes covered in dirt, and my face drenched in sweat.

But it was so worth it. I loved being able to work with some of the guys from the community to build this house for the girls that I loved by the end of the week.


The other major part of my trip was the relationships I formed with all the people. I met some of the most wonderful souls down there. I went into the trip thinking I would spend majority of my time with the little ones but once again Jesus had his own plan.

I definitely did spend time with the younger kids but I found myself drawn to the ones my age. Isela, Kathy, and Ana were three girls from the community that came by almost every day. They were very intelligent and understood a lot of English (thank God) because my Spanish was very shaky to say the least.

Isela was beautiful and yet so humble because every time I told her she was beautiful, she would disagree with me. She was smart, independent, and was living life to the fullest. I knew she would make a lasting impression on me from the minute I met her.

Kathy was funny. She knew how to make me laugh and was always lighting up the room.

Ana was quiet and sweet. She was so smart and had the most kind soul.

All of these girls had different things that made my heart swell with love for them as sisters in Christ. I’ll never forget the sound of Isela’s voice saying “Janie! Hola!” every time she saw me. These girls will never know how much they mean to me.

While I was on this trip the Lord so sweetly brought to light some parts of me that weren’t so pretty.

I learned so much about loving people fiercely because while I was there I quickly realized how much I had been slacking on that. I had so much pride because I thought that I was loving people here in America well. But oh was I wrong.

While I was in El Salvador I saw what it looked like to put others first 100%. I saw how people were excited to listen to others, not speak about themselves. I saw how people threw time out the window when it came to investing into relationships. It didn’t even matter if they had a meeting that started fifteen minutes ago, they would still sit and talk with you because they cared. And I began to do the same.

Jesus pointed out to me that lesson because it was something I desperately needed to take home with me. He made it very evident that I could love people so much better than how I was. I had so many names written on my heart to make a big change towards once I got home and I’m excited to see that play out this week.

The last thing I learned was how powerful Jesus is.

A song I kept hearing before and during my trip was “Healer” by: Kari Jobe sung in Spanish. This song has a phrase that says “Nada es imposible para ti, mi mundo en tus manos esta”. This means “nothing is impossible for you, you hold my world in your hands”.

I fell in love with this line because it so boldly states this truth. NOTHING is impossible for Jesus.
No language barrier.
No physical land barrier.
Nothing, can stand in the way of His power.

I was reminded that my struggles are so similar to the girls there. And that the way Jesus loves me is the exact same way he loves them.

My world is their world and He holds us all the same.
In grace.
In love.
And in worth.

We are fierce children of the Lord on fire for his love, no matter if we come from a middle class white family in America or an orphanage in El Salvador. He is so powerful and that was extremely present in the testimonies of the people in El Salvador. He is changing lives everywhere across the globe and to be a part of that was overwhelming.

All in all, El Salvador now holds a sweet place in my heart. God is good all the time and everywhere.



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23 May Meeting My Sponsor Child

From SHIP Tripper, Taylor
Taylor posted updates on Facebook throughout the trip. We are sharing these in a series.

Day 1:
Day 1 is off to an amazing start!! Everyone meet Ceci, this is the bright and beautiful girl my family is sponsoring! I’m so excited to invest in a relationship with her and watch her grow in her faith and excel academically! She is the sweetest! Thank you God for this opportunity!

Day 3:
Kicked off day 3 with chocolate chip pancakes, VBS prepping, and hung out with my girl!

Today Ceci practiced counting via a card game and we read Bible verses together to practice her English. We conversed about our families and looked thru an album of old pics of her family. I was able to have somewhat of fluent conversations with her in Spanish for a few hours. (Thank you, Lord.


I know I’m exactly where God needs me to be. This little girl already has me wrapped around her finger.

Day 4:
This morning I got stung by something and I had an allergic reaction to it. I spent my day knocked out by Benadryl. I wasn’t fully awake again until dinner time.

Around 9 I walked over to the orphanage and was immediately greeted with a hug from Elena. We sat down and she curled up in my lap to watch “Frozen.” A little later Sergio plopped down right beside me. These kids made my problem seem so small. Tonight reminded me why I come here…For them.



teen1Teen girls Bible study was great!! Tonight we talked about finding hope thru our salvation in seemingly hopeless situations!

Day 5:
Truly one of the most special and kind-hearted girls I know. I wish I could take her back to the states with me. Our friendship began last year and all I can say is I am blessed to know her.


“Ella siempre tendrá un lugar especial en mi corazón.”

Returning Home:
I already miss my friends in El Salvador. “See ya later” doesn’t get any easier, but I know I’ll be back sooner rather than later.

God’s really got a special thing going on with SHIP, that entire community, and the orphanage. Souls are being saved and lives are being changed. I love SHIP’s mission and everything about the organization.

That community and those kids have half of my heart. The other half belongs to my family, and if I can’t be in El Salvador I want to be with my family and vice versa. I’m home after a very short but incredible week.


I got to meet my sponsor child and her family. Also, last night my family decided to sponsor Marcela Liseth Figueroa. My dad thinks we will end up sponsoring 15 more!

I’m blessed to have gotten to go back and I’m blessed to be home with my family tonight. Thanks for all the prayers this week!

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29 Apr Windows and Doors Update

Windows and DoorsToday’s blog post is from Robert Horton. He was in El Salvador a few weeks ago, immediately after the container arrived with doors & windows for our new building. See what’s happening . . .

In El Salvador at SHIP doing my Bible study this morning. Grateful for all I see around me.

This week we finally received the 40′ container we shipped from Texas in February. The bodega is full now with boxes of merchandise for the women’s work center.

We moved into this building 5 years ago. And we have been in the middle of MORE construction ever since. Windows and doors arrived on the container, so we can complete the newest building.

God has done so much here. Lives have changed, including mine. So many times we wondered how something was going to happen. He always provided.

So do we want the changes or construction to stop?


We are just getting started!

-Robert Horton

Windows and Doors Windows and Doors Windows and Doors

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