18 Nov Our 8 year olds Say Thanks

We have a lot of 8 year olds in our scholarship program.  They are so honest in what they give thanks. Take a look.

Genesis Ramos-8

I am thankful for my shoes, for my studies and also a lot of other things, like notebooks, skirts, bags, pockets, shirts. I also give thanks for my mom, my daddy, for my sister and my other sister.

Rene Palma-7I am grateful for being in school and for SHIP giving me notebooks to study. I also thank SHIP for shoes and clothes.

Daniel Hernandez-8I give thanks for the uniforms and books and for the vitamins they give us. I also say thank you for our school materials & activities. Thank you to God and the people who help me to study in a safe environment.

Dayana Flores-8I am grateful for the scholarship and for the things that I have been given from God.  I give thanks for the clothes that I love.  I love them so much and God bless SHIP.

Nataly Ramirez-8I am thankful for the scholarship, for the uniform, for the shoes and thank you for giving me all this. I also say thanks for the books and notebooks. For God giving me life and my health. Thank you for the foundation SHIP & for that I am grateful!

Maybellin Gonzalez-8I am grateful for giving me the opportunity of learning through my scholarship. Thanks for my uniform, notebooks, tutors, & milk for my sister. I ask God for many blessings over all the people of SHIP.

Samuel Ramos-8I am grateful for my shoes, my studies at school. I am thankful for my notebooks and also for my shirt for my. Thank you for my mom, for my dad, my brothers & sisters and for my life.

And a bonus thank you from our only 9 year old:

Andrea Hernandez-9I am grateful for my shoes because SHIP gave them to me SHIP also gave me the scholarship, clothing, skirts, shirts, notebooks, & books. SHIP they gave me everything  for school.  SHIP wanted to give us all we need. I give my affection to SHIP and to my sponsors.

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17 Nov Our Young Kids say Thanks!

Some of our kindergartners and young kids give thanks . . .

NicolleI am grateful for the scholarship that has been given to me, and the uniforms.  I am thankful for everything else that God blesses all of the SHIP’s foundation. May God bless them so that they can help us love.  Thank you!

StevenI am grateful for my life, for the scholarship, for my food, my mom, my shoes, my clothes. I am thankful for my bed, for my dad, my sister and because God gives me life every day!

Elvis Hernandez-6I am grateful for the scholarships, for the uniforms, for the vitamins and everything that SHIP gives us.  I thank God and the people that make it possible for this project that the children study in a safe environment.

SofiaSofia (4 years old) is grateful for my studies, for my shoes, for the SHIP foundation, for my mother, for my life. Also for my dad and my sister.

Johana Vasquez-7I  thank you for your help because you have given me a good school.  I thank SHIP very much and pray that God blesses.   I love you very much.

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16 Nov Thanks from our Older Students

This week we are sharing what our sponsored students are thankful for. Here are some of our older boys . . . .

Héctor Paniagua-17I am thankful for your help. Thanks for the scholarship that gives me a chance to study and learn more about everything. You teach me with tutoring. Thanks for everything.

Erick Paniagua-16I am grateful for giving us the opportunity, a great opportunity to have a better future and for giving us all the necessary material to study and keep good grades. Thanks to your great support, for having patience. . .  and also thanks for this privilege.

Melkin Aguilon-15Thanks for giving me studies.  Thank you for all the help you have given us all these years.

Franklin (Frankie) Villalobos-16I am grateful for the scholarship I received from SHIP to study. Thank you for the books that help me study and for taking us into account for these projects. Thanks to God who mulitplies by thousands what SHIP does. Thanks!

Will you join us in thanking God along with these students? He is working beyond what we could imagine!





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15 Nov We Give Thanks . . . .

Some of us were in El Salvador last week. So, we asked our sponsored students to write down what they are thankful for.


Over the next several days, we will be sharing those items of thanks so you can thank God & praise God for His work in our San Salvadoran community.

Let’s get started with some of our girls . . . .

Sarari Hernandez-7I want to thank you for giving me a scholarship and my notebooks. Thanks for the useful shoes and my uniforms.  Thank you very much!

Wanda Moreno-9I am grateful for my studies, notebooks, school supplies, uniform, & shoes. Thank you SHIP for the help. Thank you very much also for the tutoring to help me learn.

Yanci Munguia-10I am grateful for the scholarship, for the notebooks, the uniform, for the tutoring, for having a good tutor, for supporting me to surrender to God. God bless you!

Josselyn Requeno-14I am grateful for the scholarship that you give me. Thanks for everything I receive. Blessings from God to SHIP. I pray for them at all times & thanks for everything they give me.

Yesenia Ramos-13I am grateful for allowing me the privilege of a scholarship. Thank you for my school supplies,  my uniforms and my shoes.  Thank you very much because it is a unique opportunity. I thank God for this scholarship and I thank SHIP very much.






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14 Nov Meet Edgar … one of our High School Students

When you go on a mission trip with SHIP, you get the opportunity to spend a short time with many of the special El Salvadorian people that are a part of this ministry. If you are a summer intern & spend several weeks in El Salvador, you have the privilege of getting to watch God work in people’s lives over weeks and months. That is exactly what happened to intern Trey as he got to know Edgar this summer.


All of the kids in El Salvador have touched my heart in a very special way; every time I see them I am reminded of why I am spending 8 weeks of my summer and my 18th birthday in El Salvador.

These kids do not have the same material things that we have, they do not have houses like we have, and they do not have the safety that we have, but these kids have just as much, if not more, joy than any of my friends in America have. One of the boys that I have had the privilege of getting to know this summer is Edgar.

Edgar is a young man who goes to private school through SHIP. The first time I met Edgar was at a Bible study for the teenage guys. He did not talk much before, during, or after Bible study, and I was not sure if he had understood what we had talked about.

As the week went on he continued to come to Bible study, and as he became more and more comfortable with us he began to talk more and give his opinion more often. Now, Edgar talks to me at church, before and after Bible study, and is always ready to share his belief at Bible study!

He is now one of the cornerstones that I can see SHIP building off of; he is so comfortable now, that he called me out when he thought I was teaching something wrong in Bible study. We were talking about Timothy, and in the English translation it says “Timothy” but in the Spanish translation it says “he” and it was confusing to all of us, but we were able to work through it. This is just one example how bold Edgar is and how much he wants others to know the truth about God.

I have greatly enjoyed getting to know Edgar, and I hope that I can return and continue to challenge him in his faith!

Trey Cole


This month please praise God for:

  1. 3 ladies who consistently meet each week to pray for the El Salvador community
  2. Monday night outreach once a month had 100 people last week
  3. Good ministry relationship with the Baptist church near SHIP
  4. God meets our needs

I will praise you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. Psalm 9:1

Also, pray for:

  1. Missionary couple who will live in El Salvador and work with SHIP’s outreach
  2. Wisdom choosing new students for scholarships this week
  3. Tutors planning enrichment classes for November-December (School is out in El Salvador right now)
  4. God provide funds for our scholarship students. More sponsors to support a student & build a relationship with their student through cards & letters.



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20 Oct Meet Freddy … SHIP Intern David Coyle’s Summer Friend

This past summer, our interns had many opportunities to interact with the sponsorSHIP students. We would like to share another of those stories with you. Today, David C. shares about Freddy.

Meet Freddy - Intern David Coyle's summer friend

As an intern, I had the opportunity to spend time and grow closer with many of the kids I had met during prior trips to El Salvador; however, I also got to meet new people and make many new friends.

One of my new amigos is Freddy.

Freddy comes to SHIP for tutoring in the afternoon, has excellent taste in music, but most importantly plays soccer better than anyone I have ever seen. He demolished all competition at our weekly soccer tournaments and made all the Americans look like they had never even seen a soccer ball before. All the kids looked up to him for his skills, but for other reasons as well. Freddy is a rare example of a kind, cool, young male role model in the community.

One week, Trey (another intern) challenged him to lead a devotional at the soccer tournament, and he immediately accepted. I don’t think he had ever done anything like that before, and he was obviously out of his comfort zone. Nonetheless, he shared his favorite Bible verse with a large group of his friends and explained what it meant to him. Although it was no sermon, we had the opportunity to watch a local guy grow spiritually by ministering to his community. It was pretty cool and encouraging.

Thanks, David, for sharing Freddy’s story and for spending part of your summer learning and growing with the people of El Salvador.

If you’d like to sponsor Freddy, click here

Please continue to pray for SHIP’s upcoming luncheon and fundraiser on October 17th. Also remember to pray for those who are planning and working to make the event successful.

Praise Him for His mighty works; praise His unequaled greatness! Psalm 150:2

Lastly, we still need volunteers to pray for Gods’ work through SHIP . . .  during our 24 hour prayer chain before our Annual Luncheon.  We will give you specific requests to pray during your 30 minute slot.  All you need to do is choose your time slot today by clicking on the link below!

Thanks for joining us in prayer,
Robert Horton

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