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If you have questions or would like to discuss other options better suited to your circumstances, please email us at contact@shipinternational.org

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SHIP’s Gift-Giving Policy

Our goal at SHIP is to stop the cycle of poverty that stalks families from one generation to the next, and we do this by equipping children with skills they need to be successful in their own right. That is why your support through the sponsorSHIP program is so vitally important.

Many of the children and families SHIP works with are very economically disadvantaged. We restrict the size of monetary gifts to avoid creating opportunities for dependence and to avoid fostering jealousy within the community, which could place a child and his or her family at risk.

Please read the following guidelines to be sure you understand and agree to abide by SHIP’s gift-giving policy prior to sponsoring a child:

  • No money or other gifts may be given to the children, unless those gifts are given by the child’s sponsor and in accordance with SHIP’s sponsorSHIP guidelines (one card on the child’s birthday; one gift at Christmas, not to exceed a value of $25; one family gift annually, not to exceed a value of $300; one gift at high school or university graduation, not to exceed a value of $500).
  • sponsorSHIP students and parents sign a contract at the beginning of each school year that prohibits students and/or parents from requesting and/or accepting gifts from their sponsors or others. Students and/or parents who disregard this rule will be immediately dismissed from the sponsorSHIP program.


Note: SHIP will never hand over cash gift money to sponsorSHIP students or their families. Instead, SHIP will make purchases according to the need of the sponsored child and family.