What is Shelter the Homeless International Projects (SHIP)?

Shelter the Homeless International Projects is a non-profit 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization and has been in existence since December 2004. SHIP seeks to build clean, safe dwellings for the needy in the Salvadoran neighborhood where SHIP’s facility is located. We also seek to offer food and humanitarian aid regardless of race, background, or religion. We invite you to partner with us as we serve those in need.

Where does SHIP operate?

SHIP is a grassroots, international organization that is locally based in the United States, specifically in Bryan, Texas. Our office, Board members, and most of our volunteers are located in the Bryan/College Station, Texas, area. However, some volunteers come from other parts of the United States and often serve with us on mission trips. SHIP operates locally in the Bryan/College Station area, regionally in central Texas, and internationally in El Salvador.

Who controls and manages SHIP?

A Board of Directors determines policy and oversees and guides the mission of SHIP. Board members are dedicated volunteers who are deeply concerned about the problems of poverty housing. The SHIP office operates with a part-time administrative assistant, who is the only paid employee, assisted by a core group of volunteers.

How does it work?

Through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials, SHIP builds and rehabilitates simple, decent housing for the needy. We do not seek to exercise authority over the people we assist; rather, we respect the responsible parties to make the decisions that are best suited for their situation. We work toward equipping people with the basic humanitarian needs necessary for them to safely carry on their lives.

Where do you travel?

We currently serve in El Salvador, in the neighborhood where SHIP’s facility is located. We also serve in the United States, primarily in areas that are within driving distance of Bryan/College Station, Texas, where most of our volunteers are located.

How are donations distributed and used?

Donations, whether in-kind or monetary, are used as designated by the donor. Donations designated toward a certain project in progress are used for that project alone. Undesignated gifts are used where they are most needed and for administrative expenses. SHIP’s most recent financial statement is available upon request.

Will a SHIP representative come speak to my civic organization or ecumenical group?

Various members of SHIP’s Board of Directors are available upon request to present a program for your church or civic organization. We can offer presentations to small gatherings as well as large meetings. Please email us at contact@shipinternational.org, or call us at 979.260.7447 for more information and details.

How do I volunteer?

For opportunities to serve, please check our website, call us at 979.260.7447, or email us at volunteer@shipinternational.org.

How do I get more information?

For additional information, see the other sections of this website, or contact us through any of the ways listed below. We would love to answer your questions!

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 3003
Bryan, TX 77805.3003

Website: www.shipinternational.org
Email: contact@shipinternational.org
Phone: 979.260.7447