26 Dec Are You Ready to Help?

We are thankful for God’s blessings through our matching funds campaign, generously supplied by Davis & Davis Lawyers.  Not only have we received $3000 (matched by Davis & Davis), but Jimmy received a sponsor within 24 hours. God is working in mighty ways. We believe our other boys will receive sponsors from families like yours.  You can read about Jimmy’s story and Davis & Davis Lawyers’ generous matching funds here.

God continues to bless SHIP. We have an anonymous donor who wants to match an additional $2500 donated this year.  There is still time to double your donation to SHIP this week.

Would you pray about donating to SHIP’s work in El Salvador?

Yaneri-LOne reality we deal with is the schooling available in our neighborhood—unchallenging, often dangerous schools, that are the only option for even our youngest neighbors. After seeing the lack of positive educational opportunities in our neighborhood, SHIP began providing scholarships for children in 2014.

We found that those youngest children, who started kindergarten with a SHIP sponsorSHIP, now our third and fourth graders, are excelling. They have a strong education foundation, and that is making all the difference in their learning.

This year, we had more than 60 applicants. In a giant leap of faith and after much prayer, we accepted 26 of those children into the sponsorSHIP program, for a total of 81 children that SHIP is sending to school.

Do we have sponsors for all those children? Not yet.
Do we trust God to supply the funds? Absolutely YES.

We have an incredible opportunity to make the new year special for these kids . . . and you can take part. What better way to start 2018 than to sponsor one of our students!

I would love to be able to tell each of our students that someone in the United States thinks that they are as special as I do.

Will you be that special person?

To sponsor one of our students:
Go to
Follow the prompts to pick out your student.

We will wish your child “Merry Christmas” from you during our January Christmas Celebration.  We will also assure him or her that someone is standing alongside as the new school year begins in January.

Remember that your December sponsorSHIP will be matched by our anonymous donor.

If you prefer to make a one-time donation, we are so appreciative. You can make that donation by clicking here.

Thank you,
Robert Horton, President

P.S. Private Christian school in El Salvador is a bargain compared to the cost in the United States. For only $100 a month, you can change a child’s future with the gift of education.

Please pray about supporting one of our students. shows the various financial levels of sponsorSHIP.

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15 Dec Double Your Donation to SHIP

In early November, Ann and I were in El Salvador meeting new families. Several children, accompanied by their parents, came to ask for SHIP’s help in getting a good education. I’ve been told my heart is tender and that I can be moved to say “yes” to children in need. I guess that’s true, maybe, and though I’ve heard many stories, they never cease to move me.

20 Jimmy Brian Deras MartinezJimmy ’s a handsome, shy, and awkward 15 year old. Jimmy can’t attend public school anymore because the gangs want him to join and he refuses. He came to the interview with a woman who didn’t look old enough to be his mother. So I asked him where his mom was.

“She died when I was seven,” he told me, “and this is my sister who has cared for me since she died.” He continued to smile, but tears ran down Jimmy’s cheeks. As his sister wiped away her tears, I tried unsuccessfully not to cry.

Jimmy’s story would be repeated several times that Saturday afternoon. This is the reality of the children of El Salvador, particularly the boys.

You can help boys like Jimmy and double your donation to SHIP.

Here’s how . . .

Davis & Davis Lawyers will match all gifts over the next few weeks (up to $3000).

In other words, if you donate $100 to SHIP, Davis & Davis Lawyers will match your donation of $100. If you donate $500 or $1000 to SHIP, Davis & Davis Lawyers will match your donation of $500 or $1000.

Wow . . . what an awesome opportunity to make a huge impact on God’s work in El Salvador.

You can donate to SHIP (and Davis & Davis Lawyers will match your donation) by clicking here


SHIP is very blessed by the generosity of Davis & Davis Lawyers, as they help us sponsor more students like Jimmy. Davis & Davis Lawyers will help us send more boys to school, boys who have dropped out because it is too dangerous to attend the public school.

Will you help us send more boys like Jimmy to school this coming year?

In doing so, you will help us build relationships with Jimmy’s family so we can share Jesus Christ, the One we celebrate this Christmas season.

Here’s that donate link again:

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11 Dec What’s Our Christmas Celebration Like?

Today we want to share with you some pictures from past Christmas celebrations.  This is a special time with the kids who might not have received any other Christmas gift that year. The pictures speak for themselves.




If you would like to partner with us by sponsoring one of our students, you can get more info by clicking here.

If you would like to partner with us by helping in our January 2018 Christmas Celebration, email us at bcsship – AT –

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08 Dec Can You Help with the SHIP Christmas Celebration?


In January, Bryan will receive a Christmas gift from SHIP.  He does not have a sponsor, so SHIP will provide a gift for him. If you would like to sponsor Bryan, click here.

We are blessed to receive two financial gifts to pay for some of the unsponsored students’ gifts, but still have needs for the celebration.

Can You Help with the SHIP Christmas Celebration?

Our Christmas celebration will include a Gospel presentation and our students doing a service project in the neighborhood, as well as gifts and games. If you would like to help with Christmas gifts in January, we still need the following.

  1. Provide large Christmas gift bags and tissue for up to 100 student gifts. We can give you the size of bag once I measure it.
  2. Provide underwear or white socks for students. We have a list of sizes needed and would provide those sizes for you.
  3. Provide gifts ($5-15 value) for unsponsored children.  We would provide you with a list of ages & sex to fulfill. Most of our unsponsored children are ages 9-18.
  4. Make a monetary donation for us to buy gifts for unsponsored children.

Email us to let us know how you (or your Sunday School class or Youth Group or Home Church) want to help make our Christmas celebration a success.

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07 Dec Our December Student of the Month is Bryan

There are so many wonderful stories our summer interns would like to share with you about the amazing students they’ve had the pleasure to meet in El Salvador. Today Ryan Green shares about Bryan, who always smiles . . . as you can see in his picture below!


A perk of being an intern with SHIP in El Salvador is making many wonderful friends. One of my treasured friendships is with Bryan Aguilar. He was around the SHIP facility very often, helping in any way he could. He has a helpful and peaceful presence, paired with a great sense of humor. His involvement in our Bible studies was very consistent. Not only was Bryan present, he would share his thoughts on the passages we were covering and answer questions.

One of my favorite conversations with him happened after one of our Bible studies. I was talking with him and asked him about the church he goes to and why he goes there. He told me he grew up going to this church and that is why he continues to go there. It is a great church that I had the pleasure of visiting.

I then asked him if it was dangerous for him to go there because he has to cross the boundaries into a different gang’s territory. Bryan has no involvement with gangs, but it can still be very dangerous crossing those boundaries. His answer to me was, “Yes, it is dangerous for him to get to church but he knows it is important to him and his relationship with God. Bryan trusts God to protect him.”

This conversation illustrates the character of Bryan. I would describe him as consistent, encouraging, and full of integrity. He desires to work through the obstacles in his life and live in obedience to God. He is a wonderful young man! I hope anyone reading this will be able to meet him one day!

Thanks, Ryan, for sharing Bryan’s story and for spending part of your summer investing in his life.

In January, Bryan will receive a Christmas gift from SHIP.  He does not have a sponsor, so SHIP will provide a gift for him. If you would like to sponsor Bryan, click here.

If you would like to help with our Christmas celebration in January, click here.

If you would pray for our December prayer requests, here they are.

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03 Dec December Prayer Requests


Would you take a few moments and pray about our December prayer requests?

  1. Pray that Christmas would be a time that SHIP and our El Salvadoran friends worship Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made coming to earth.
  2. Pray for our Enrichment Classes in December and January, especially for our students who are getting help in areas where they struggle
  3. Pray for the tutors to create fun and educational activities to inspire the students to learn.
  4. Pray for funding for all our students. The school year begins mid-January. We will send 80 students to school. (Last year we sent 55)
  5. Pray for the right tutors to come help our students in the upcoming school year. We need a total of 5 tutors.
  6. Pray for a couple to live full-time in El Salvador, sharing Jesus as they build relationships with our neighborhood.


Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. I John 3:18

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