Fundraising Ideas

SHIP’s main office is located in the Bryan/College Station, Texas, area, and we’ve had front-row seats to some local fundraising efforts for SHIP. Here are a few ideas that have worked to help you get your wheels turning. Feel free to come up with ideas of your own, but we’re sure these folks won’t mind you using these ideas, if you’d like!

  • Vacation Bible School children from Parkway Baptist Church conducted a competitive penny drive between the boys and girls to see who could bring in the most money for SHIP. At the end of the week, they had raised more than $1600 (with more than $1000 of it in coins), and the boys won the contest. But the real winners were the children at the orphanage in El Salvador because those funds were used to buy a new refrigerator and freezer for their kitchen.
  • When word got out about the need to quickly raise funds to complete the orphanage in El Salvador, the owner of Fifth C Fine Jewelry, Chuck Konderla, joined forces with the owner of Shipwreck Grill, Wade Beckman, to raise money for SHIP. Beckman donated a percentage of an entire day’s receipts to SHIP. Konderla donated two pieces of jewelry to be given out as door prizes to those who came in for a meal that day. He also provided a watch to be raffled off as a prize, with 100% of the proceeds going to SHIP. Between the two events, approximately $2500 was raised for SHIP to build the orphanage.
  • After a trip to El Salvador, teenager Rebekah Morris and a number of her friends made jewelry, which they sold in front of Sam’s Club one hot Friday in July. Thanks to their efforts, more than $1300 was raised for SHIP.

If you come up with a fundraising idea for SHIP that worked well, let us know at We may add your idea to this portion of our website to help others who want to raise funds for SHIP!