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Explore the possibility of doing an internship and serving God in SHIP’s Salvadoran neighborhood this summer! Experience the joy of sharing the Gospel with kids in a neighborhood where they are just coming to know that Jesus cares about THEM! Feed the emotional hunger of a child longing to be loved and valued and just hugged.

Interns will have the opportunity to serve alongside SHIP staff and Salvadoran nationals. They will be assisting with short-term mission teams in various projects including, but not limited to, construction, evangelism, and youth ministry, while also building relationships with our Salvadoran neighbors. We are seeking individuals with a firm grasp of the Spanish language (but please apply even if you aren’t fluent), at least one year of college, and a desire to serve in El Salvador as we share the Gospel of grace through the teachings of the Bible.

Here’s a more detailed list of intern duties:

  • Know Jesus and want to share Him and His love
  • Able to carry on a conversation in Spanish and assist with translation
  • Lead Bible studies for the young men and women
  • Help with tutoring at the after-school learning center
  • Spend time discipling and mentoring teens (high school-age Bible study and life-skills) in our neighborhood
  • Help with construction projects
  • Work with the women’s work center micro-business
  • Assist with preparing for and helping with mission teams under the direction of SHIP leadership, and be willing to help in all areas
  • Don’t mind being humiliated at soccer (it’s the national sport and these kids are GOOD!)
  • Be a good role model for the kids, both while in El Salvador and during interactions after returning to the States
  • Be flexible and available to be the hands and feet of Jesus
  • Acknowledge that, even if it’s not listed above, it is or may be in your job description

The term of the internship is 8 weeks, from mid-May to mid-July (exact dates to be determined), and you will work with SHIP staff. (If your university requires a 10-week internship, contact us.) The cost is $2,000 plus air transportation (approximately $700-$800), and medical insurance (about $200). Included is transportation from the El Salvador airport to SHIP and return to the airport, meals eaten at SHIP, lodging, Wi-Fi, and beach trips during each mission trip (4-5 trips). Not covered are snacks, excursions that are not included in a scheduled SHIP trip, and other personal-type expenses (about $400, depending on your wants/needs).

Your internship may actually apply to your needed credit hours. Check with your university/college advisor about the possibility of receiving credit for your work with SHIP.

Application deadline is February 1, 2018.

Please contact Ann Horton, International Services Coordinator, for more information ( or 979.260.7447).

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