The scheduled mission trips for 2014 have been completed, but we’ll soon post mission trip dates and deadlines for our Spring Break and Summer mission trips for 2015. Check here for more information.

Life is not always clean and neat and easy. Life can be dirty and messy and hard. Especially if you are a child, abused or neglected or living on the streets. No one to hug you. No one to tuck you in at night or even give you a bed. No one to see that you have food to eat. No one to tell you, I love you.

And that’s where Shelter the Homeless International Projects – or SHIP – comes in. SHIP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is committed to providing clean, safe dwellings and offering food, humanitarian aid, and educational opportunities to orphans and those in need, both in the United States and Central America. But we are committed to more than just a mission statement. We are committed to ensuring that children know they are loved and that they know the truest love of all – the love of Jesus Christ.

We welcome you to explore our website. And we invite you to consider how you can become involved with our work in El Salvador and in Texas.